Forklift Strengthening For A Fork

Xeney has been working on product add on to help increase the strength of a forklift fork, which in essence will help a forklift lift bigger pay loads and restrict wear and tear. By adding a "elbow" sleeve to a forklift, it helps stabilize the fork, allowing it to lift more weight and decreasing stress on the rest of the forklift. Xeney has been working on material handling machinery for decades, helping create new products, but also looking to make existing equipment more efficient. The "Elbow" piece is easily slid on the fork or older generation forklifts which haven't been upgraded to current standards. This has been proven to increase the life of a forklift for hundreds of more hours of use. To see some used forklifts which have been outfitted with this new type of fork, you can find them at UsedForkliftHQ.com.

The savings that a potential customer can save by adding the forklift strengthening device is enough that every out dated forklift should have it. Created by professionals within the industry, this product was manufactured so every warehouse manager or construction site foreman can easily assemble, and connect the sleeve. Our product has been our for nearly 4 years now, and the reviews that we have been receiving are outstanding. The difference between attaching our sleeve and not can cost a company thousands of dollars when their forklift breaks down.